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Jon Earley

Looking back I found this resource: davezuko/react-redux-starter-kit#797.

I'll start here.

So is it true you need to do routing with plainRoute objects for lazy loading?
we are using it as component : CoreLayout
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { login, register, fetchUser, logout } from 'store/user'

import CoreLayout from './CoreLayout'

const mapStateToProps = state => ({
  currentUser: state.currentUser

const mapDispatchToProps = {

export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(CoreLayout)
aditya shanker tagirisa
Where should we write this ?
Sorry I'm damn new to this
this is the component you add to your route
// routes/index.js
import CoreLayout from '/layouts/Corelayout/CorelayoutContainer.js
export const createRoutes = (store) => ({
  path: '/',
  component: CoreLayout,
//  ...
aditya shanker tagirisa
import React from 'react'
export const CoreLayout = ({ children }) => (


InternalLayout.propTypes = {
  children : React.PropTypes.element.isRequired

export default CoreLayout
currently this is the corelayout code from where i will get to access the props?

Can anyone weigh in on a best practices question? I'm refactoring towards better componentization (I jammed tons into one component/module/container pair). So far so good, with the exception of what I should do with my action handlers/reducer code.

Should these all live in my high level component for this route? Should I break them down to the component level where they're generated? (I don't think I can just repeat the injectReducer pattern in my index.js because I'd overwrite the key)

I'm looking more for theory on a smart way to architect this vs technical help on how to do it, but I'm still learning so I may be naive to technical limitations. Happy to give specifics on the project if it'll help, but I don't wanna spam irrelevant detail if not. I have a few more thoughts as to options here but I don't want to make this into a giant wall of text /shrug

@joshuaandrewhoffman You can either put new actions in the store folder or in the module folder of a specific route, like routes/counter/modules
If the actions were only being used by a single route, I would put them in a modules folder.
and you can inject as many reducers as you want. Just change the key.
@jakehm so there's no actual dependency created between the store name and the reducer name? In the examples they're the same so I assumed some plumbing/magic was happening somewhere I hadn't found yet. As I'm typing it though that magic sounds inconsistent with my understanding of how reducers work in redux 😅 so I think maybe I get why the key change would work.
Thanks a ton for the input on this! I'm glad I decided to do this refactor, I'm learning a lot of stuff I missed or didn't fully grok
Nilay Kothari
hey all,
I am new to redux, just wanted to ask what data should store in redux store?
Is it good to store form data in redux store?
How often should I connect to store to update data (i.e. is it fine to update store data on text field change event?), which don't affect performance?
help me to get it started..
@kotharinilay it does affect performance but you can do it. If you don't need to update the state every time the user types a new letter, I would use refs to only update state on submit
If you are asking about putting the value in the store vs state, I think the performance is the same.
When I save changes to components, there's no reload, but when I make changes to stuff that isn't as deep, like routes, reload does work. Anyone know what's going on?
i did yarn clean, which is the script for rifram and it kind of broke everything
also are there any plans to move to rr 4 soon? I think I need it for my hmr to work.
@kotharinilay both your questions very much depend on what you are trying to do. Do you have some use case or example?
Sanjin Šarić

Hi guys. I would like to import a stylesheet that would be local and NOT loaded from cdn, how do I do that?

For example how would I add bootstrap.sass (from node modules) to be loaded locally.

Terry Raimondo
Hey, is there something simpler than Counter/index.js to declare the component ? Why is it important to do it async ? I'm kinda new to React and Redux so I do not want to add more noise to my brain, already much things to learn. The thing is I don't understand require.ensure([], (require) => :heart:
@terry90 this is to support webpack code splitting (https://webpack.github.io/docs/code-splitting.html)
@terry90 so instead of your entire app existing in 1 large .js file, you can split separate routes into separate files that are loaded on demand
Félix Bayart
Hi guys ! I wanted your advices on what would be the best strategy to implement a first async fetch when loading a new route.
As the components should remain purely functional, I guess adding a componentDidMount isn't the right way to go ??
Hello guys, sry foe noobie question, but is this starter kit isomorphic.
Roman Pearah
@yukulelix You might consider responding to a LOCATION_CHANGE action using react-router-redux and redux-saga.
can smb tell me what is path from index.html to npm folder.
I was confused that why use [COUNTER_INCREMENT] instead of COUNTER_INCREMENT in the boiler code. Who can give me some tips?
// ------------------------------------
// Action Handlers
// ------------------------------------
  [COUNTER_INCREMENT]    : (state, action) => state + action.payload,
  [COUNTER_DOUBLE_ASYNC] : (state, action) => state * 2
Preston Manning Bernstein
Hey everyone
I would like to submit a pull request to this projecty
A simple update to the README to clarify the current Developer Tools implementation
How could I go about getting authorization to contribute to this repo? Thanks so much
Ernesto Palafox
Hi everybody!
I'm almost new in the react-redux world, i found this starter and it seems perfect to me to start a project.
Right now I am wondering how should i handle JWT authentication. Can anyone give some advice? Thank you
Preston Manning Bernstein

Hey everyone,

I went ahead and updated the tutorial for the current version of react-redux-starter-kit. You can check it out here

Ernesto Palafox
Didn't know about this tutorial, thank you @prestonbernstein its very useful!
Preston Manning Bernstein
Thanks @palafoxernesto . I have to give a shout out to Markus, who wrote the first iteration of this article. I hope that it helps you out in your coding!
Daniel Winter
hi guys
any preferred method on how to update my app with the latest version of this kit?
like i started my app 6 months ago using this package, now i'd want to update
Preston Manning Bernstein

Hey everyone.

Could someone take a look at my pull request when they get a chance? Without this file, npm test will error out on my machine, as well as on my CircleCI build.



aditya shanker tagirisa
hi i want to maintain global authentication data state and fetch the auth data from backend whenever page is refreshed can anyone help me with how to do this
is there anyway i can call the dispatch of other route from route of one index.js
James Pearson
Hello Everyone. Does anyone have a good example of how to do child routes, like "/categories/" and "/categories/:id/" ?
Nilay Kothari
hi, I am using isomorphic approach for my react-redux application, I want to retain my previous redux store data on refresh.
but, as it load from server I am not able to get previous store data.
Is there any way to get previous redux store data on server side, so that I can set it as my initial state?