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Kostas Bariotis
@neverfox Thank you for replying
I haven't actually make it and im working on it for a few hours
This message was deleted
Kostas Bariotis
Here's what I am trying to do
I have two routes the / and the /cart
the / route sets a home key to the global store
the /cart route sets a cart key to the global store
I have connect the Header component like you said that tries to read from the cart key of the state
but when someone lands into / there is no cart key there just yet
hows would you go about this?
I thought I would inject another reducer that would support the Header component thats why I am trying to access the store there
Creg Bradley
Quick Q: I want to define some sass constants that can be consumed in the other modules in the project. I've tried defining them in core.scss and _base.scss but I get an undefined variable error when I try to reference them. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
Ryan Garant
Does react-redux-starter-kit come with server side rendering built in?
Roman Pearah

@protoEvangelion No, this particular kit is for pure client-side development. From the README:

This project does not concern itself with the details of server-side rendering or API structure, since that demands an opinionated structure that makes it difficult to extend the starter kit.

Hi! I was looking at the tests written for the starter kit, I'm new to testing and I was wandering why there were no tests for Container components like CounterContainer
Krisztian Balla
@davezuko is anyone working on introducing webpack 2 to the project now, or is it something you'd consider adding to the project? If not I'm happy to start out on it.
@kbariotis if you depend on reducers regardless of route, then declare it on store creation, no need to load it async, then it will be available straight away
Krisztian Balla
@carlwelchdesign Just an idea, I'd dispatch the action to load the initial data in main.js right after the store is created, and connect the CoreLayout to the store, than render a spinner in there if data is not available (even better: render a spinner only if it takes more than 200ms). As with an external store there's no need to worry about lifecycle hooks etc.. I believe it looks cleaner as well
@kmeilgaard container components mainly deal with side-effects, as glue between the store and components (in most cases) there's no point testing them in most cases. Like testing connect() belongs to the react-redux package really. in most react/redux applications most of the logic lives in action-creators, that's why most of the tests address that.
Krisztian Balla
@creg You need to import them the file you define your constants in to the file you want to use them, otherwise sass-loader converts them individually and the variables wouldn't be defined in scope.
Hello guys, can smb give link for real projects using this starter kit ?
Roman Pearah
I admit that I really don't understand requests about real project examples, given that the starter kit pieces itself work pretty much the same in any size project (with the possible exception of some CSS things here and there), with all the added complexity coming from whatever you end up doing with React/Redux. In fact, if the kit is doing what it's supposed to be doing, you clone it, dive into the src folder and starting writing components. So really any sufficiently complex React/Redux example from anywhere should do, if that's what you need to examples of.
I mean, is there a specific aspect of the kit itself that is making it hard to figure out how to get started?
Not to say that I wouldn't happily link to one, but I imagine that most are like mine: proprietary work projects.
Do you know when is the next release ? Would it be safe to clone the source and start working from there? Thanks,
Hello guys
I'm new here
Can someone tell me if you could implement react-toolbox successfully?
thanks in advance
@successkrisz thanks for your response, I could have figured that out myself, sorry! :)
Hi, I'm trying to make my url leading in determining the state. My idea was to set the state from the route with a function 'stateFromRoute' and to update the location by building a new location object and using react-router-redux' push function.
 * stateFromRoute can get executed when we enter the system through this route and we use the router state
 * as the source of truth for the state of the application
export function stateFromRoute () {
    return (dispatch, getState) => {
        const {o: id} = getState().router.locationBeforeTransitions.query;
        id && dispatch(getObject(id))

export function updateLocation (id) {
    return (dispatch, getState) => {
        const   location    = getState().router.locationBeforeTransitions,
                oldID       = location.query.o,
                oldPathname = location.pathname,
                pathname    = `/${route}/`,
                newLocation = {...location, query : {...location.query, o : id}, pathname}

        if (oldID !== id || oldPathname !== pathname) {
            // update the router. but only if the query changed
Now I'm doing this for all my routes, and I was wandering if my approach is correct, and if there is a possibility to do this more efficiently and robust, by for example, writing middleware for it.
Veaceslav Rabota
Hello, can you help me how can I use this starter kit with axios library (https://github.com/mzabriskie/axios). I have this API from ('http://api.giphy.com/v1/gifs/search?q=dog&limit=24&api_key=dc6zaTOxFJmzC')?
I want to create I new route (dogs), when user clicks will see list of dogs, I don't know where can I do my GET request with axios.
Hi any one using create react app.. I have small doubts??
Kasper Meilgaard
Hi, quick question, I want to have some sort of preloading for assets imported in scss with this starterkit. Would react-preload work?
is there any example of react-reformed normalizr and react-redux-starter-kit used together?
Naitik Soni
Hi, I am facing error of mutation while updating array of objects in reducer
Can anyone help me out?

``` function booksReducer(state = [], action) {
switch (action.type) {

return [...state, Object.assign({}, action.bookData)];```

Daniel Winter
Hi guys
do I need to activate something to import plain css to a component?
like I'd need a basic .css which a npm component provides
but doing the import doesnt seem to include it
( import 'react-trumbowyg/dist/trumbowyg.min.css'; )
Tobias Lundgren

Hi, I have a parent component that have access to all my actions. But I need some actions available by the child component.
What is best practice here?

Send it as a prop:
<Component action={this.props.action} />

or import it?

import * as action from './actions.js'

Or should I use:

  mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps
Roman Pearah
@lundgren2 That's really a philosophical question, but I would recommend reading this: https://medium.com/@dan_abramov/smart-and-dumb-components-7ca2f9a7c7d0
Tobias Lundgren
Thanks @neverfox :) I'll take a look at it!