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Sep 2014
David Davidson
Sep 03 2014 14:26
you maybe already saw this from Ivan's Data Structures and Algorithms repo, but it looks interesting:
thanks for finding those links, brock!
David Davidson
Sep 03 2014 15:07
oh, and one more thing: yesterday I mentioned not wanting to work with people, but--on further reflection--I'm happy to work with just about anyone. (More interested in who's on the team, not off it.) Just in case group stuff starts coming up today...
Sep 03 2014 18:00

I spent some time last night trying to anticipate the detail of how to make test-coverage stats useful to the development process (either reported in the visual context of a gantt chart, or otherwise). I couldn't come up with a good scenario--at least for an individual dev. It might have some general use for a team.

I'm having a hard time imagining that when I sit down to create a backbone app that I'll draw up a gantt chart first. Last week blocking tasks (stuff that needed to get done before anything else could progress) materialized on the go, and were hard to anticipate, especially when we had two major refactors.

I suppose this is why Agile development is a thing.

Long story short: I still like the idea of some sort of project aide, but my confidence in the viability of a gantt chart is wavering. -- I'm now wondering whether an agile-like tool can be scaled down for use by an individual.

I think the idea is still worth pursuing, but we should be open to and develop other ideas as well. Any further thoughts on doing something with a raspberry pi?