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May 2015
May 12 2015 18:25
I'm curious, I haven't seen examples of this on the Github pages, but is it possible to have a custom static toolbar for a medium-editor instance? As an example if I were to want to a tinyMCE style editor but with medium-editor as the text input?
Jérémy Benoist
May 12 2015 18:30
What could be the benefit?
May 12 2015 18:42
the benefit would be that I could use my own HTML and CSS to position the toolbar and control interactions with it, if there's a better way to do it I'm all ears, I'm new to this project
Nate Mielnik
May 12 2015 19:18
so you should be able to use your own css on the page to style the toolbar to appear however you want it
the 'staticToolbar' option should position the toolbar at the top of the input
and we have the ability to pass overrides to the built-in buttons via 'extensions'
so if you need to change the bold button to not be a 'button' but some other type of element in the toolbar, you can create an extension which derives from the existing built-in bold button
if it implements the 'getButton()` method, it can return its own type of html, and attach its own event handlers that may still call into the existing methods of the built-in buttons