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May 2015
Colin Svingen
May 01 2015 13:13
Can chat here if you want.
May 01 2015 14:33
So, did you manage to read my response about solution file renaming?
  • i just read your follow up.
I'll try and replicate the issue, by creating a new solution, adding dnnpackager, and then building with msbuild - if the solution targets don't fire and i can replicate it then that will be a step forward
alternatively if you can send me a simple solution that I can replicate with that will save me some time
Colin Svingen
May 01 2015 15:53
You've probably seen it now, but I sent a pull request
that fixes the issue
Sorry, I don't have a simple solution that recreates it.
May 01 2015 16:37
No worries - yep thanks for that - thats brilliant!
I'll do the merging, and get an updated release out once I get home.