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May 2015
Tobias Gurtzick
May 09 2015 14:32
@geoguide full text index is not supported, yet but it is planned to support it in the near future.
@forstermatth good to know
Tobias Gurtzick
May 09 2015 14:49
to be a bit more specific about this, currently there are only pure indexes. No specialization of those, of course there are also unique indexes, but these are handled like property of a column
but I can assure you, soon there will be added support for a bunch of index types, like red black tree keys, hash keys, binary tree keys, full text indexes and so on
Tobias Gurtzick
May 09 2015 15:02
geoguide: but you can naturally always fall back to runSql to enter the query manually untill it is support
May 09 2015 15:05
That's what I did, thanks ☺