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Aug 2016
Anthony Stansbridge
Aug 18 2016 13:36
Hey... I was wondering how I actually make a seed?
The docs kinda gloss over it...
I tried making a seed scope, but I am clearly using it wrong since I get a WARN about a derecated feature and to use controlled seeds
I can't find how to create a controlled seed and any examples of a seed
Anthony Stansbridge
Aug 18 2016 13:44
I am using db-migrate 0.10.0-beta.15
Oh shit, it looks like it's not implemented yet?
I am utterly confused
Tobias Gurtzick
Aug 18 2016 16:15
@Stansbridge That is correct it is partially implemented, and the docs are going to be updated next. seeds have been postponed to a later version, to get v0.10.x released. After v0.10.x db-migrate also changes the way of doing releases though. sry for the confusion, just ignore seeders for now.