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Jun 2018
Nicholas Bering
Jun 20 2018 00:04
I’ve seen some people use sequelize and sequelize-cli. It’s a bit more involved though since you’re pulling in a whole ORM.
It’s hard to judge market share with DB tools since you see a lot more library code in the public than you do actual application code. Tutorials are a poor indicator.
Erik Trom
Jun 20 2018 00:07
@nbering - i’ll check sequelize-cli as well, thanks
Tobias Gurtzick
Jun 20 2018 12:02
There are some other solutions, some that are more simple and are really just up and downards migrations.
sequelize has as mentioned migrations, but as far as I remember no real migrations, that have been some reflection like migrations which is a different thing
Depends on what you search for, if you want zero downtime you probably want something more sophisticated
if you don't care about that and your application is not that critical you can go for comfortable, but less safe and with less control, solutions like sequelize and others
just weigh your options and decide