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Repo info
    Jan Dočekal
    Yea I do have that, I tried moving it to public and using GoogleMaps.loadUtilityLibrary but that resulted in "GeolocationMarker undefined".. so I gave up and created the market the normal way lol
    Jan Dočekal
    I am struggling with the directions library right now though, seems like nothing is working either
    const directionsService = new GoogleMaps.DirectionsService();
    const directionsDisplay = new GoogleMaps.DirectionsRenderer();
    function createRoute(start, end) {
      origin: start,
      destination: end,
      travelMode: google.maps.DirectionsTravelMode.DRIVING
    }, function(response, status) {
      if (status == google.maps.DirectionsStatus.OK) {
      } else {
          console.log('Nepovedlo se: ' + status);
    I do have the library on load
    key: Meteor.settings.public.Googlemaps.gmaps,
    libraries: 'directions, geometry'
    the map actually stopped loading
    Jan Dočekal
    got that to work but now it says "GoogleMaps.DirectionsService is not a constructor" :D
    Hello, new face here. Does anyone know how to best use Iron Router with this package? I'm trying to split up my directories into a typical Meteor app (with client/ lib/ server/ and public/) but if I hook up a map template html page via {{yield}} my app breaks. Any suggestions?
    David Burles
    @violetzie should be new google.maps.DirectionsService(); and new google.maps.DirectionsRenderer(); also you'll want to create those once the map has loaded (most likely within GoogleMaps.ready(...)
    David Burles
    @LelandB if possible, I'd recommend using flow router instead as iron router is no longer maintained. here's an example you can check out https://github.com/dburles/map-bug-58 for a working example
    This message was deleted
    How can i go to specific point on the map onClick?.
    @dburles I didn't know iron router was no longer maintained but I figured out my problem. Thanks for the heads up tho! As I'm working through my project I found this: dburles/meteor-google-maps#50. Is that solution still feasible?
    I finally figured it out ;)
    I am using the reactive maps example in an app but i cant seem to close any infowindow on marker click. More details here dburles/reactive-maps-example#2
    Marcel Morales
    Hello, someone around here who can help me with the maps?
    Daniel Delgadillo
    drawing manager google maps event not work
    please help me :(
    hi guys , i have tried github dbrules sample :meteor-google-maps-react-example
    but this sample inbuilt in my react meteor project routing to this page first time show correctly and then loading only ?

    Morning! I searched a lot on the Web for a solution but still need help. I have a map on which I show markers from a Meteor collection and a list on the left with the same collection items. I can click these markers to show an infoWindow and the corresponding list item on the left gets selected (Session variable).

    I'm trying to get the reverse effect also, ie get the appropriate marker 'click' event to fire when I select an element in my list. However, when I handle the list item 'click' event, I'm outside of the GoogleMaps.ready scope where my markers array is defined. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    Hello, can someone help with the clusterization. What exactly do I need to change? I tried everything said before but nothing worked.
    David Burles
    @/all who's using the package with React?
    Me @dburles
    Refi Ridho S.
    Hello all friend ... I can Ask about tracking with marker ...
    i create app driver n user ...
    when app driver switch on in user app showing marker driver and user can tracking driver ride..
    when app driver phone locked,, marker driver stay and stopped not running ...
    how solved this problem ??
    can i help me...
    Punita Ojha
    This message was deleted
    Pablo Ariel Bilevich Alaniz
    Hello Everyone, good morning! I need your help. I would like to be able to compare a city stored in my database with other got from google maps. I know I can compare two countries through IsoCode but how can compare two cities? Do I Have to do it by name? Thanks in advance.
    Hi, I have a map with multiple custom markers for different points of sale, the markers also have an infowindow which I would like to style, anyone help?
    Sarah Mattar

    Hey @dburles! I'm following your example for the reactive maps. I'm in the process of creating my own map based web application in Meteor as well so I'm using yours as a guide to, at the very least, just initialize the map. When I follow your code for initializing the map in my app, I get an error in the console telling me I need an API Key from Google Maps. Okay, fine, got my API key from Google Maps... but after putting it in, the map is still not initializing on my web application.

    From there I started comparing notes and looking through the Github forums on the reactive maps example. There didn't seem to be any spot in yours that you'd put an API Key in... so


    Seemed to work find in yours. In mine, after poking through Github, I have it set as

    GoogleMaps.load({v: "3", key: "allthelettersandnumbersofmyAPIkey_here", libraries: "geometry, places"})

    Syntactically, shouldn't this be correct? I still have a blank page where my map should be though.

    I've downloaded your copy of the application from GitHub and when I fire it up, it runs fine. I'm creating my application in Meteor 1.6 and I think your reactive map example is done in Meteor 1.2 -
    so now I'm wondering if this is a meteor compatibility issue, or a Google Maps API issue (or both)?

    Pretty dead in here but any idea how to access a polygon I've drawn on my map instance from the helper context?
    Template.userAddArea.onCreated(function() {
            var squarePoly = new google.maps.Polygon(options)
    Everything works, I'm just not able to track down where I can get access to the polygon from another context...
    Sarah Mattar

    It might be a scoping issue - from what I can see right now var squarePoly is only available to the userAddArea template?

    (For anyone who is reading this thread after the fact, I'm feeling a bit sheepish as the answer to my issue was very straightforward - it was the dimensions of my container set out in CSS. Apparently you can't have full width and full height on a Google Map. As a designer I love the aesthetics that can be created with CSS... but now I know why my developer friends hate CSS! LOL)

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to create different brand new maps for different html pages in a meteor application? Thank you so much in advance!