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Repo info
    Gabe Monroy
    Chris Armstrong
    Gabe Monroy
    nice UI
    Chris Armstrong
    Gabe Monroy
    Chris Armstrong
    opscode is using this to discuss their new community site
    shows GH activity too, apparently
    Gabe Monroy
    why doesn't GH just come out w/ hipchat alternative
    Chris Armstrong
    I dunno. this is pretty much what I'd envision, though
    they should acquire it
    I like how it lists us as 'contributor' too
    so anyone who commits is equal status
    Dominic Watson
    amazing.... maybe this could be an IRC killer
    Philip Heinser
    The Apps feel to much like a Website -.-
    Matthew Elder
    WOw gitter.im!
    new freenode?
    Artjom Zabelin
    @philipheinser It seems like the apps just embed the webapp
    Oli Lalonde
    Hmm, bing.com brought me here? http://docs.deis.io/en/add-contributing/
    what's this ? an old version of the docs?
    Hi, I have a vagrant target and dies up and running successfully, are there any resources/examples for meteor + mongodb cluster examples. Mongodb replica as such would be great.
    Another question is, if deis is providing any toolset for backups of containers?
    Yeshwanth Kumar
    wanthelp with tcp routers..
    Gregory Parsons
    Hey anyone have a moment to explain remote bucket storage? :)
    Is this link: https://deis.com/docs/workflow/installing-workflow/configuring-object-storage/ implying that the keys gcs.key_json should be pre-base64 encoded?
    in the YAML
    I have tried that by cat /path/to/gcs_creds.json | base64 on my mac with the service account json file. No luck.
    Gregory Parsons
    Never mind think it was a bad key.json.
    Andres Galindo
    Hi, trying to deploy apps that do not expose any sort of web server but am asked for a PORT setting + liveliness+readiness checks
    Anyone have a link to some documentation on this? Googling doesn't bring up anything
    Harsh Vakharia
    hey guys , I've set up deis in Azure but it isn't giving public/external IP to it
    it has been 5 days, but I can't see external IP for deis-router
    $ kubectl --namespace=deis get service deis-router NAME CLUSTER-IP EXTERNAL-IP PORT(S) AGE deis-router <pending> 80:32408/TCP,443:32204/TCP,2222:30290/TCP,9090:32030/TCP 7d $ kubectl describe svc deis-router Error from server (NotFound): services "deis-router" not found
    Harsh Vakharia
    any idea?
    Daniel Imberman
    Hi guys, I'm currently attempting to create the helm local registry on kubernetes, and I'm finding that when I attempt to ping any of the ports on it all connections are refused, does anyone have experience with this one? https://github.com/kubernetes/charts/tree/master/incubator/kube-registry-proxy
    Claudio Teixeira
    Good morning guys. I'm having some troubles with space (via EBS). I cannot rollback releases or deploy new releases due to a space error.
    Anyone does a way of cleaning old images?