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    ci: lint on MacOS only (#187) (compare)

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    chore: update dlint to 0.5.0 (#… (compare)

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Also, not sure the copyright line at the top can really apply, since because it's a port of already copyrighted code no one else can really claim copyright.
Also, maybe a good idea to include the link to that original C function for people interested in details (kinda like I did in my original gist of the function)
// This function is based on Bjoern Hoehrmann's DFA UTF-8 decoder.
// See http://bjoern.hoehrmann.de/utf-8/decoder/dfa/ for details.
Anyway, I was just awake at 4am and wondering if Deno was still using my function and saw that when I checked, so felt I had to say something. Gonna check the chat later to see any responses.
Nayeem Rahman
The chatroom has moved to Discord: https://discord.gg/TGMHGv6
Doron Tsur
@ry any way deno and bit.dev can collab ?
Joe Pea
Doesn't seem likely. bit.dev is a build-full system relying on NPM, deno is a build-less system which explicitly does not rely on NPM but only on native modules.
Andrew Kaiser

The chatroom has moved to Discord: https://discord.gg/TGMHGv6

seeing "Invite Invalid" when attempting to join the discord.
edit: disregard, the invite works when manually joining a server

donpdonp discord--
donpdonp can someone bridge the discord room(s) into Matrix?
Radonirina Maminiaina
Hello Team, congratulation for the v1
hope tensorflow.js translate to typescript。and run on deno
Mike Carifio
@ry et al, congrats on https://deno.land/v1
I have some errors when I try to connect deno to mysql.
INFO connecting
error: Uncaught InvalidData: data did not match any variant of untagged enum ArgsEnum
can you elp me
I tried with mysql 5.5, 5.7, 8.0, the same errors
Hello all! Just started messing around with Deno. While working on a toy project the need to create mock Request and Response objects has come up. Anyone know of a package that does this?
Donald Wu
@gabrielgrover oak
tc98765 Gabriel (Gitter): is this for testing?
Julije Kostov
Hello people,
Is FlatBuffers still used for intra-process communication?
Gitter is no longer used for inter-person communication. :)
how can i use lodash in Deno
kaito2 import from unpkg
Hello new to Deno and had some questions about threading. Does Deno use worker_threads like node? Does the Deno threading model require a new V8 instance per thread? Can I write thread work in any language or does it have to be Rust?
@gabrielgrover why not just overwrite them with your own implementation during testing. maybe in a before function or something.
Ivan Jeremic
Just delete this Channel please, And make a banner on the deno website with the invite link to Discord.

Resynth > <@gitter_ivanjeremic:matrix.org> Just delete this Channel please, And make a banner on the deno website with the invite link to Discord.

Why the hell is everyone moving to Discord

Resynth > <@gitter_ivanjeremic:matrix.org> Just delete this Channel please, And make a banner on the deno website with the invite link to Discord.

It's an awful platform

Resynth Are you unable to bridge this channel with Discord?
Resynth That would be a good idea, so people that dislike Discord have a good alternative
Tim Reichen
Hello everybody. I created a front-end bundler for deno as a proof-of-concept project. I am interested to use deno serverside and also use all deno goods on clientside. Is there somebody who is also into that and would help me review/improve the bundler? https://github.com/timreichen/Bundler
Iwan Aucamp
Discord is dumb
just saying
tc98765 Is there a standard way to have multiple cases for a test
tc98765 I have used nested tests for this in other languages/frameworks
Ryan Dahl
Deno Chat has moved to discord https://discord.gg/TGMHGv6
Cody Mikol

BuZZ-dEE > <@gitter_ry:matrix.org> Deno Chat has moved to discord https://discord.gg/TGMHGv6


reyawn Discord bridge time?
BuZZ-dEE yes 👍️
tc98765 cmt123
It's nice to meet you. http://v.ht/1JniEC
Hi, I love hot sех, I'll scream out loud for you URL http://v.ht/7yqcQh
while we write deno ?