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Kevin (Kun) "Kassimo" Qian
Interesting. I’ve heard of Steem before for digital publishing. But yeah such an experiment might need a separate team to work on (and more people who is working in the crypto field)
(Personally took a class on cryptocurrency and have written Ethereum contracts before, so I have some understanding to how blockchain could work and related principles, but definitely not to the level of creating new protocols or design myself... If we were to do this we need more people in that field)
Also the chatroom has moved to Discord: https://discord.gg/TGMHGv6
Joe Pea


Blockchain tech for a deno pkgmgr that could create a revenue stream for package authors.

Interesting idea for any sort of package/module/code manager.

Does it mean to use a module you'd have to pay some small amount for it every time? Or how would that work?

Garrone Joseph
@m00dy lol BOLD move considering there is almost nothing to check out yet... I subscribed though
Saddam M
Hi! Would like to know if there are any examples of Deno plugins in action, with Rust source code included. Seems to me that it is still premature and so far, deno-plugin-prepare doesn't work. Are there at least any descriptive documentations for Deno plugins?
In this file
// The following code is based off:
// https://github.com/inexorabletash/text-encoding
is wrong.
The previous TextEncoder implementation was, not this one.
This one is based off of http://bjoern.hoehrmann.de/utf-8/decoder/dfa/ (as clearly evidenced by the inclusion of the applicable license in the following lines)
Also, not sure the copyright line at the top can really apply, since because it's a port of already copyrighted code no one else can really claim copyright.
Also, maybe a good idea to include the link to that original C function for people interested in details (kinda like I did in my original gist of the function)
// This function is based on Bjoern Hoehrmann's DFA UTF-8 decoder.
// See http://bjoern.hoehrmann.de/utf-8/decoder/dfa/ for details.
Anyway, I was just awake at 4am and wondering if Deno was still using my function and saw that when I checked, so felt I had to say something. Gonna check the chat later to see any responses.
Nayeem Rahman
The chatroom has moved to Discord: https://discord.gg/TGMHGv6
Doron Tsur
@ry any way deno and bit.dev can collab ?
Joe Pea
Doesn't seem likely. bit.dev is a build-full system relying on NPM, deno is a build-less system which explicitly does not rely on NPM but only on native modules.
Andrew Kaiser

The chatroom has moved to Discord: https://discord.gg/TGMHGv6

seeing "Invite Invalid" when attempting to join the discord.
edit: disregard, the invite works when manually joining a server

donpdonp discord--
donpdonp can someone bridge the discord room(s) into Matrix?
Radonirina Maminiaina
Hello Team, congratulation for the v1
hope tensorflow.js translate to typescript。and run on deno
Mike Carifio
@ry et al, congrats on https://deno.land/v1
I have some errors when I try to connect deno to mysql.
INFO connecting
error: Uncaught InvalidData: data did not match any variant of untagged enum ArgsEnum
can you elp me
I tried with mysql 5.5, 5.7, 8.0, the same errors
Hello all! Just started messing around with Deno. While working on a toy project the need to create mock Request and Response objects has come up. Anyone know of a package that does this?
Donald Wu
@gabrielgrover oak
tc98765 Gabriel (Gitter): is this for testing?
Julije Kostov
Hello people,
Is FlatBuffers still used for intra-process communication?
Gitter is no longer used for inter-person communication. :)
how can i use lodash in Deno
kaito2 import from unpkg
Hello new to Deno and had some questions about threading. Does Deno use worker_threads like node? Does the Deno threading model require a new V8 instance per thread? Can I write thread work in any language or does it have to be Rust?
@gabrielgrover why not just overwrite them with your own implementation during testing. maybe in a before function or something.
Ivan Jeremic
Just delete this Channel please, And make a banner on the deno website with the invite link to Discord.

Resynth > <@gitter_ivanjeremic:matrix.org> Just delete this Channel please, And make a banner on the deno website with the invite link to Discord.

Why the hell is everyone moving to Discord

Resynth > <@gitter_ivanjeremic:matrix.org> Just delete this Channel please, And make a banner on the deno website with the invite link to Discord.

It's an awful platform

Resynth Are you unable to bridge this channel with Discord?
Resynth That would be a good idea, so people that dislike Discord have a good alternative
Tim Reichen
Hello everybody. I created a front-end bundler for deno as a proof-of-concept project. I am interested to use deno serverside and also use all deno goods on clientside. Is there somebody who is also into that and would help me review/improve the bundler? https://github.com/timreichen/Bundler
Iwan Aucamp
Discord is dumb
just saying