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Jan 2015
Eric Fong
Jan 11 2015 03:59
In my app, I extend the User Collection and override the functions, in order to get what I want.
Andrei Alecu
Jan 11 2015 10:56
sure but that implies some knowledge of deployd innards that some new guy trying it out won't have
we should have the basic functionality readily possible in the core
which with the login stuff is probably mostly done now, there are still some things bugging me, like the lack of require() being available by default
it's also something extremely likely someone will need
but I have that fixed with a custom dpd extension
Andrei Alecu
Jan 11 2015 16:43
@NicolasRitouet hey, there are lots of "Issues" on github that should be closed because they're more or less resolved. I'm looking through issues to see if there's any other bugs that could potentially be important. When you can, the issue list should be cleaned up.
Andrei Alecu
Jan 11 2015 21:21
@NicolasRitouet @ericfong , I just implemented promises into the internal client aka deployd/deployd#375
it can wait for 0.9 if you want although all tests pass and I made a test for it as well
there's one thing you need to know though, I had to change from Q to Bluebird for Promises for this to work:
bluebird is faster than Q and a lot cooler actually so it shouldn't be a problem, it's completely compatible anyway
Nicolas Ritouet
Jan 11 2015 21:37
good to know
regarding the issue list, that’s indeed a problem
if you want, you can comment them and I can close them afterwards
Andrei Alecu
Jan 11 2015 21:41
Andrei Alecu
Jan 11 2015 21:47
now that I audit some of that code, that was there before, it looks like there could be a bug in it
I kept this because if was already there but it doesn't make sense, it will stop waiting for callbacks prematurely when other, non-callback functions are called in the script
or actually not, nvm, it's ok -> but only because of a different bug :)
they work together like it was on purpose
I'll leave it like that
maybe it was
Andrei Alecu
Jan 11 2015 21:53
funny, leaving that line there is actually a bug in current deployd, the one without this PR I just made
it would only occur if you called the internal client without a callback, though there was no reason to do that in theory
Nicolas Ritouet
Jan 11 2015 22:46
indeed, that’s weird