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Apr 2015
Nicolas Ritouet
Apr 08 2015 18:35
hey guys
I sent a PR with some dependency updates
once it’s rebased and tested by someone else, I’ll release 0.8.1 (hopefully tomorrow evening)
I assigned @ericfong but if @andreialecu is available, you can also review and rebase it
Hey @NicolasRitouet we ran into some serious memory issues with 0.8.0, do you happen to monitor memory usage of your instances? Is it due to some extension? In very bad situations it was +2MB/request, even for 404s, with no cleanup. We're still looking for the culprit, just checking in with you to see if you might know something?
Nicolas Ritouet
Apr 08 2015 19:56
I know that Eric and Andrei worked on improving memory consumption
I think that their improvements didn’t make it for 0.8.0, it may be in 0.8.1 (that I plan to release soon)