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Apr 2015
Hm, would you happen to know what exactly they are working on (is there a branch somewhere?). Maybe they've already found what we're still looking for? :)
Nicolas Ritouet
Apr 09 2015 09:33
they submitted some bug fixes that also improve memory consumption I think
but again, I'm not sure, let's wait for them to tell us more about this
Eric Fong
Apr 09 2015 14:42
Please takle a look if you are interested
Nicolas Ritouet
Apr 09 2015 16:08
@ericfong I’ll release this evening if I don’t feel too bad (I’m homesick), can you update the docs regarding this PR: deployd/deployd#496 ?
I’ll link to the docs in the
@NicolasRitouet with the latest version of master, I cannot get into the dashboard. I think (though that's just a wild guess) this is related to updating ejs. The error is the following: ejs:58\n 56| \n 57| <script type=\"text/html\" id=\"resource-sidebar-template\">\n >> 58| <% var type = types[resource.type]; %>\n 59| <% var isCurrent = === Context.resourceId %>\n 60| <li <%= isCurrent ? 'class=\"active\"' : '' %>>\n 61| <a href=\"/dashboard/<%= %>\" <%= type && type.dashboardPages ? 'class=\"pages-header\"' : '' %>>\n\ntypes is not defined
Using deployd/deployd@5331ac3 instead of master works just fine.
Downgrading ejs to ejs@1.0.0 also works fine, so it is indeed related to this upgrade.
Update on memory issues: I was able to get memory usage down by a factor of ~20 through updating to the latest master (-1, see my messages above). There's still memory that will not be freed, it just takes way longer. I was thinking about integrating memwatch, do you guys have any pointers/tips to debug memory usage?
Nicolas Ritouet
Apr 09 2015 20:51
@0ff thx for the info for ejs, I’ll take a look at that this week-end. @ericfong, don’t rebase my PR then, we’ll have to modify something
Oops, already rebased
can somebody take a look at this? I won’t be able to investigate until this week-end