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Nov 2017
Andrei Alecu
Nov 03 2017 15:25
so I made some changes recently to both deployd and dpd-dashboard
I removed the obsolete bootstrap less files from dpd-dashboard, since they weren't even compiling any more and changed them to scss (same bootstrap 2.0 version though), and released that as dpd-dashboard 1.0
I think dpd-dashboard and dpd-clientlib should keep version numbers in sync with deployd
and then there's this: deployd/deployd#832
which is pretty exciting I think and we could release/tag 1.1.0 for it
ping @NicolasRitouet :)
Nov 03 2017 16:46
@andreialecu can dpd-clientlib used in angular 4 project.. basically I'm building an ionic 3 app.. so just wanted to ask if it supports since ionic supports loading npm modules
Nov 03 2017 16:53
@andreialecu great job on the dashboard and client libs though...
Nicolas Ritouet
Nov 03 2017 18:04
@andreialecu thx for your PRs
Andrei Alecu
Nov 03 2017 18:21
@kkrishnan90 I added some best practices into a readme just now which kind of references that. you should use the native angular http modules to interface with deployd
and something like for the socket stuff