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Ibrahima Gaye
Hi @herOwOw because console.log(tempIds); is executed before the post ends (think promise)
Younes Keraressi
@ibstelix thx mate, how could i miss this “async" i used forEach then inside it call dpd.cars, i tought i was using 2 dpd async inside each other, i tried just to insert characteristics of a single collection in array of ids then get thiere ids and put them inside a colletion cardata then reset ids, thx my bad
Ibrahima Gaye
Wlecome boss :smile:
Younes Keraressi
hehe thx to you boss :p
Jimmy Hough Jr.
so I'm trying to use some modules but they refer to app.js for configuration and there is no app.js anywhere in the directory

Hi deployd! I'd like to restrict my API so that nobody is able to query my /users collection, therefore I'm implementing

if (!isRoot) {
  cancel("You are not authorized to do that", 401);

on /users/get.js but this makes dpd.users.me return null

Carlos Eduardo Bier
First, check if dpd.users.me are assigned, after check isRoot.. or test undefined to isRoot, because it's only exists when logged: Equal to true if this request has been authenticated.
My deployd instance doesn't seem to run on my server aws.. Any help? I've configured everything correctly and using nodejs forever to run a daemon production.js script.. No error but when i access the url to the dashboard, it keeps loading and finally says err_connection
Any help @rgolea... I've been using this deployd after successfully convincing my client for about 10 days now..
However the local instance of the app runs perfectly well with no error
Can anyone also tell me what's the latest preferred nodejs, npm and mongodb version for the same...
Rares Golea
@kkrishnan90 try not to use the cli
use the tutorial I have on my channel
Omar Juarez
is this still alive ?
Yes very well with very few members supporting and answering queries. What's your query ?
@rgolea can I install multiple instances of deployd on digital ocean, thereby creating a microservice architecture ?? Has anyone tried this yet ? Please let me know.
Younes Keraressi
hey is there a way to change the behavior of deployd id's of collection to be something like 00001 and $inc each time on post, its generate alphaNumeric is theres a way to change that?
@kkrishnan90 I haven’t tried this setup before but seems like it would work. Interested to hear how this goes.
ashad nasim
is there any good tutorial about using deployd
Try to use Deployd with custom run script described in docs. I can open a dashboad and create some collections, but when I try to add something in collection:
Database connection error
I checked and seems db and user exists
Anyone know how to run local shell commands through deployd?
I have deployd running on a Linux server that contains custom scripts. I need to run these commands depending on the GET path.
Rares Golea
@PaulMaly are you connected to an external mongodb service or the one deployd spawns?
@kevev just like any other way to run scripts in nodejs
@ashadnasim52 check out my channel
RYeah Sh
Hi guys, anyone here fancy help me test a side project i am working on?
RYeah Sh
Hi guys, who ever has a blog or post on Medium stuff that are related to programming, I am working on a new publishing platform, its my side project and i worked reallllly hard on it - I would love for your feedback! if you love publishing and curating content - PLEASE PM ME :) thanks!
Mohit Sapru
Hi, is anyone using dpd.js to access the collections or events on the frontend? I want to understand how you are restricting the complete access to your collections from the JavaScript object instance of dpd it creates on frontend?
Alex Miller
Hi Guys! Im still using deployd (Deployd CLI v. 2.0.2) with react and dpd-js-sdk. Having trouble when the front end is not served from the public folder - the me variable is not appearing in the server side. Also tried using the fetch API with credentials:include but then facing issues with CORS.
Pavel Schoffer
Hello, this looks like an awesome firebase self-hosted alternative. Is there a reason that it is not actively maintained anymore? Are there some other alternatives people use?
There’s Backendless.
Coder of Salvation / Leon van Kammen
I switched to parse-server
Ariel Ivan Ruiz Mateos
hi to all! Why is not maintained anymore?
@coderofsalvation but parse create crud apis realtime?
Coder of Salvation / Leon van Kammen
hi there
Hello, I'm learning AngularJS with Pro AngularJS book. At some point they use deployd. I installed it on my computer and mongoDB. I created the project like that: > dpd create sportsstore > cd sportsstore > dpd –p 5500 app.dpd, But when i do this i get this error: "Failed to start MongoDB (Make sure 'mongod' are in your $PATH or use dpd --mongod option. Ref: http://docs.deployd.com/docs/basics/cli.html)". But i have mongodb om my $PATH
Younes Keraressi
@pschoffer i like deployd so much , there is alternative, like Loopback or Strapi headless cms for building apis,
Pavel Schoffer
Thanks @herOwOw , I end up trying feathers.js seems quite nice.
Younes Keraressi
@pschoffer You're wellcome, yeah its cool too, but loopback and strapi are unique :p worth it to try them, im still working with deployd :p its kinda fast

please help

dpd -m "C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\4.2\bin\"
deployd CLI version 2.0.2
starting deployd
Failed to start MongoDB (Make sure 'mongod' are in your $PATH or use dpd --mongod option. Ref: http://docs.deployd.com/docs/basics/cli.html)

Fernando Rosentalski
hello guys, there is a flutter lib to use it?
I have been looking at loopback , express, feathersjs , and a lot of other frameworks and keep comign back to Deployd for its simplicity . I think on the front end flutter is really good with all the libs available on pub.dev and on the back end i think deployd is a perfect fit , sure we can expose deployed http end points as rest api's with authentication . I thought Meteor framework is one of the good ones , but with all the react , and svelte , and blaze and too many packages .. Deployd really stands out , wish someone takes charge and revives deployd
hello all
can anyone help me with ssl on deployd server
Sai Kiran Mandhala
getting below error while trying to install the deployD using npm, any help is greatly appreciated