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Dec 2014
Benjamin Schuster-Boeckler
Dec 31 2014 19:12
Merry xmas :-)
Quick question: I've just merged changes from between June 2014 and today into my fork of Deployd
now the server is not starting any more when I call server.listen()
server.on('listening', function() {console.log("Server is listening");});
is never called
any ideas?
Benjamin Schuster-Boeckler
Dec 31 2014 19:19
there's no error call via server.on('error', ... either
I'm creating the server with
var server = deployd({
port: process.env.PORT || 2403,
env: configuration,
db: {
host: 'localhost'
, port: 27017
, name: "production"
I'd appreciate some nudge in the right direction...