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Jun 2015
Jun 08 2015 07:45
cannot install on codeanywhere. can someone help me understand this error ?
Alex Miller
Jun 08 2015 16:55
@ramstein74 can you add the debug log?
just submitted a pull-request on angular-dpd
's file
Regarding dpd.js, angular-dpd doesn't have the special functions for the users collection -- ive mimicked the dpd.users.login function with a $, but my hack doesn't set the sid cookie -- where does the sid cookie's data come from? perhaps it's the user's uid?
Stanislav Termosa
Jun 08 2015 17:27
How can I get the method type (POST, DELETE ...) in ON VALIDATE event?
Alex Miller
Jun 08 2015 18:27
@andreialecu Hey! I just pushed several patches and a pull-request on angular-dpd.js/ -- I've not used github's patching stuff before, so sorry if its a little messy.
Alex Miller
Jun 08 2015 18:36
This message was deleted
Jun 08 2015 18:45
is there a way for deployd to use