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Jun 2015
Arye Shalev
Jun 22 2015 06:41
yeah i would like to know that also. and lets say i am using the API for a moble app, how do i scale if my userbase goes skyrocket suddenly and i need to scale it? how do i implment it with deployd. these are interesting questions
Mukesh Vijay
Jun 22 2015 12:55
hi all I am installing deployed on win xp. Command dpd -V giving error saying deployed.tool.node.exe is not a valid win 32 application.....Any help Please?
Arye Shalev
Jun 22 2015 13:11
why don't use a virtual machine such as virtual box
to install a linux distro and use it as your development enviroment
i use windows and and run a virtual machine. in 1 - 2 hours you can get started. highly recommanded. as for why it doesnt work i have no idea.
Jordan Green
Jun 22 2015 15:17
@pantchox containerize your application with a solution such as docker, that will allow you to scale your application as much as needed whether you need to scaled instances of the server, storage, db, or all three. Most hosting solutions also allow you to scale vertically and/or horizontally quite easliy.
Arye Shalev
Jun 22 2015 16:20
@jordan-green any recommandation on tutorials on the manner? i heard about docker but didnt get the point vs virtual machine. thanks.