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Oct 2016
Oct 30 2016 05:31
Hi All what's the best way to use dpd.resource.get in dashboard without it activating the events code I have put in those resources?
Oct 30 2016 05:48
Check isRoot
In your event code, do if (!isRoot)
isRoot is true for requests from daahboard
Oct 30 2016 08:59
Hi Guys, I am having regular problems with Mongo not starting when I try to start dpd. It was doing fine for a few days but then it crashed somehow. I thought deleting the local files and temp files would help and it did. However, now mongo doesnt now the old files anymore (deployd.9 etc.) and starts building from scratch (no data shown, local.0 etc.). Does anyone have an idea about this?
This is the error: Failed to start MongoDB (Make sure 'mongod' are in your $PATH or use dpd --mongod option. Ref:
and this the screenshot from the data folder in dpd