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Mar 2017
Mar 27 2017 03:58

I think what @kkrishnan90 is asking is filtering over HTTP. Now let's do an example:

Let's say we have a collection: users with a field called data. Here is a user entry:

    "username": "safaorhan",
    "email": "",
    "data": {
        "age": 24,
        "major": "cs"

Now to query all users with the name safaorhan and age 24 we can do the following GET request:{"username":"safaorhan", "data.age":24}

This will return our user. The trick is placing a JSON query after the ? operator.

Note: To make this trick work your data needs to be on your database and not to be filled dynamically on get event script, since this query is passed to mongo directly.

Mar 27 2017 07:01
I've posted a question on!forum/deployd-users The question concerns "Parsing querystring with required boolean (1)" (nr. 2 from the top). If anyone can give me some insight on that question I would appreciate the help.
Younes Keraressi
Mar 27 2017 07:30
hey people is any one used already dpd-template?