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May 2017
Houman Khorasani
May 07 2017 08:48
@moorthi07 thank you. While this surely would work, it would end up as polling instead of event-driven. I was expecting it to work like a listener on the client side to subscribe to the pushing mechanism of Deployd server. Am I missing something? In other words will it still be realtime?
May 07 2017 18:52

@h0umie_twitter 'import SocketIO

class SocketIOManager: NSObject {
static let sharedInstance = SocketIOManager()
var socket = SocketIOClient(socketURL: URL(string: "")!, config: [.log(false), .forcePolling(true)])

override init() {

    socket.on("test") { dataArray, ack in

May 07 2017 18:59
Deployd uses simple . you can emit a message in server and catch that in client @h0umie_twitter and vice versa.
@h0umie_twitter look at emit, changed events @
Rares Golea
May 07 2017 19:58
@thbl not really, I connect once in a while... having less time for stuff
Houman Khorasani
May 07 2017 20:22
@moorthi07 this is really nice. That makes the case stronger. I'm working on a new project and have been tinkering with Firebase for 2 months. As it turns out, complex queries are difficult to do, and also setting access permissions for users, is a bit difficult. Hence I was looking for alternatives.
@moorthi07 Firebase comes with a hosted solution inclusive a database though. What kind of database would deployd use on the background? I would have to set it up on AWS correct? Is there also a way to set everything it needs, including database on Heroku? Thank you
May 07 2017 21:08
@h0umie_twitter MongoDB only for now . The team seem to not interested in implementing a 'datajugglar' package. You could deploy deployd in many clouds like azure, aws and Heroku - > use mongolab for a quick test
@h0umie_twitter Firebase + deployd not option. Check out 'loopback' as well
Obed Ademang
May 07 2017 22:44
@moorthi07 Were you able to make angular2 work with deployd? If yes how did you do that. Can you lead me to a right path?
Houman Khorasani
May 07 2017 23:16
@moorthi07 This is very impressive. Now I have too many choices, do I use deployd on Heroku and mongolab as backend, or do I go right away with loopback, which includes everything? My client would be iOS Swift. It seems loopback has already iOS client SDK for it. Didn't find anything for deployd.
@moorthi07 Btw loopback is also realtime like deployd, correct?
And which one would you rather recommend if you started from scratch. These are my requirements: I need iOS Swift client support, facebook login and be able to do queries with multiple filters. And users that friend each other, should be able to read each other's posts. Hence authorisation should be easy. Thank you