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Repo info
silly question, but gotta be asked, just to make sure .. is the undo.php file in vcs?
Paul Kamma
.. i hope so .. let me check again :D
yes it is
no it isnt .. omg /o\
@X-Tender did adding it solve the issue? :)
Paul Kamma
yes. :)
Konrad Michalik
Hello there, i can't find an answer by my own so far, maybe the question has already been answered.
Is it possible to use deployer programmatically within the php context? So e.g. hosts configuration can be done dynamically?
I want to use deployer as part of a dynamic multi host php application.
David Zamora
Hi Konrad, what do you mean when you say " hosts configuration can be done dynamically?"
I have configured different hosts, for different stages of my app
I don't know if you mean that
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Jannis Gerlinger
Hi, i`m looking for the basic vendors.php. I want to remove the "--no-suggest" line so that i can resolve the error: Can anyone help?
im using composer v 1.8
you can set a custom composer_options with whatever options you want .. the default is
set('composer_options', '{{composer_action}} --verbose --prefer-dist --no-progress --no-interaction --no-dev --optimize-autoloader --no-suggest');
Jannis Gerlinger
thank you edvordo
Jannis Gerlinger
Now i got a different error :(
do you know what to do?
looks like composer install error, the error will probably be at the end of that red sea
Hi someone could please direct me towards a detailed documentation for how to deploy saleor in production? Aplogies for my ignorance, but I have been fighting for weeks to get to work in production. I couldn't connect 3000 and 9000 ports into proper sub-doamins ion nginx.
Joseph Richardson
Hi, I was curious about deployer and wordpress and cron, it appears that my crontab is getting updated incorrectly whenever I deploy. But I don't think that deployer is set up to do that, and if it were it would know where the files are... and probably use current folder. Can anyone confirm? Has anyone seen this before (I get a new crontab line for each of my releases in the releases folder)
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Louis Charette
Hi! Two questions
Is there documentation and/or upgrade guide for Deployer 7 beta?
Second, I'm having issue with Laravel and storage. Anyone has a tip for this ?
is_dir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/var/www/site/releases/3/storage/logs) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/site/current/:/usr/lib/php/:/tmp/)
Joseph Richardson
@lcharette Sounds like your open basedir config for php https://www.php.net/manual/en/ini.core.php#ini.open-basedir
It probably defaults to your doc root, which would be site/current but you might want to add just /var/www/site
Martin Krajcovic
Hey guys, how's everyone? I'll just copypaste this here from the webpack chat, since I reckon the issue might be within Deployer too. Thx!
Hey folks :) I might be looking in a wrong place, but we're having this strange issue. So we have a fairly low-cost dev server, it's a $10 droplet on DigitalOcean. Whenever we run a build (yarn prod) it gets stuck at 95% or 98% emitting. The issue is resolved whenever we add a second core, however I was wondering whether there's some sort of internal timeout in Webpack or Laravel Mix that should be considered? It's difficult to debug, since it could either be CircleCI, or PHP Deployer or Yarn or Webpack or even Mix that's enforcing this, but that's all I have. It timeouts after about 10ish minutes with Error code -1 and causes the entire deploy/build to fail. Thx for any suggestions
Here's pretty much all I can give you in terms of error log - https://privatebin.net/?c99519e31b2de20b#867NEfj9yyHe5R4FzVLquTnu1UsynqFyttKwFgWTiVGe
the stuff inbetween has some sensitive stuff like project name etc. I'm not allowed to disclose :/
It's fine when run locally or when executed on more powerful machine, I'm just trying to figure out where the bottleneck is :) Any help appreciated and thanks!
<^ pasted from webpack chat>
I also feel like this happens only when the deploy is made via Deployer, running yarn prod manually worked just fine

Hello @all,

I need help to fix my deployer issue,

$ dep deploy production -vv
[localhost] > git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
✈︎ Deploying HEAD on production.toneart-shop
• done on [production]
➤ Executing task deploy:prepare
[production] > echo $0
➤ Executing task deploy:failed
• done on [production]
✔ Ok [0ms]
➤ Executing task deploy:unlock
[production] > rm -f /var/www/share/websites/toneart-shop.de/.dep/deploy.lock
In Client.php line 103:

[Deployer\Exception\RuntimeException (-1)]
The command "rm -f /var/www/share/websites/toneart-shop.de/.dep/deploy.lock
" failed.

Exit Code: -1 (Unknown error)

Host Name: production


is there anyone could help me?
Laxman Thapa
Hi there, has anyone used deployer/deployer:v7.0.0-beta.16
it seems a lot of functions are removed on version 7
for eg Deployer\inventory()
Laxman Thapa
Hi guys, how do I set Group of the file & folders to www-data instead of user while deploying ?
Steen Rabol


I'm trying to follow the doc: https://deployer.org/docs/how-to-deploy-laravel.html

but it fails immediately - more or less

My setup:
host webdock.io where I a have a vps
I have a user that can log in with password
I have specified the user in the deploy.php

locally I'm using homestead as dev environment
so if i start the deployment from homestead it simply stops after 10-15 seconds with error code 128

if I run from a terminal

it ask for password, try to connect to github and then fails with code 128

so what am I missing?

Hi all, I'm trying to deploy an application which keeps dependencies and composer.json in a subdirectory of {{release_path}}. Is there a way to run 'deploy:vendors' against a subdirectory?

Not that I'm aware of. All my project use v6 and looking at the implementation, you can't change the directory.

desc('Installing vendors');
task('deploy:vendors', function () {
    if (!commandExist('unzip')) {
        writeln('<comment>To speed up composer installation setup "unzip" command with PHP zip extension https://goo.gl/sxzFcD</comment>');
    run('cd {{release_path}} && {{bin/composer}} {{composer_options}}');

Then again, you can probably override the {{bin/composer}} variable to say something like cd sub_dir && composer. This will probably work.

Jeff Davis
Hello. I am wondering how people deal with secrets in Deployer. I am a relatively new user, but I have used Deployer with some small projects. I now need to include a packagist token to access a private repo when deploying. I can't use a .env file. How do other people deal with this?
Why can't you use env file?
Also, you can use good old getenv('VARIABLE') if you can change host environment variables
or you can pass the secrets in as an argument in your pipeline
There are multiple options, pick one that suits you ..
Hi, how can I set the path on my destination server properly? I have added some dirs with executable files to /etc/profile.d/myscript, but when deployer logs in these are not active because of non-interactive login...
thanks for the great tool :)
Anton Olsson
composer_options is mentioned on https://deployer.org/docs/flow.html#deployvendors but nowhere else, is this documentation not finished?
Can't say if not finished, but it sure doesn't have info I'd expect it to have. Most of what I learned about this tool is form diving into it's source code
Anton Olsson
Is anyone deploying Wordpress with Deployer here?
Just laravel for me, sorry.