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Repo info
    Oanh Nguyen
    Hi @ramirobg94
    Can i help you?
    Ramiro Blázquez
    @oanhnn yes
    i have some problems with keys
    i have to connect to the server via ssh and also i have a private repo in gitlab
    Oanh Nguyen
    Step1: enable ssh by public key on your server
    Step2: Add public key to deploy key of your gitlab project
    Step3: Deploy by deployer with key or forward agent
    Ramiro Blázquez
    i made all of this things :s
    i can login with ssh user@ip without pass
    i have a deploy key and install it on the server
    and i use forwardagent:S
    Permission denied, please try again.
    Permission denied, please try again.
    Permission denied (publickey,password).
    fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
    Please make sure you have the correct access rights
    and the repository exists.
    Oanh Nguyen

    The first, you try ssh to server with forward agent
    The second, you try check ssh to gitlab by

    $ ssh -vT git@gitlab.com

    replace gitlab.com by your gitlab domain

    Ramiro Blázquez
    for the first i can
    and the second, is on the server?
    local -> Welcome to GitLab, Ramiro!
    on the server -> Welcome to GitLab, Ramiro!
    and more logs
    in both cases
    debug1: Requesting authentication agent forwarding.
    debug1: Sending environment.
    Braunson Yager
    Has any succeeded in creating a custom recipe within your project code? Any suggestions? There's no docs on it..
    Jesus Manuel Olivas
    @oanhnn I now and I am using that, but having an issue when deploying, after every deploy Drupal appear as not installed but setttings file is ignodred and symlinked
    I will keep testing
    I got it working with symfony ;) but D8 still having some issue
    Martin Sjåstad
    How are you guys deploying wordpress with deployer?
    Hello. Where is recipe/config.php in 4.1 version? how to create configuration files?
    Robbert Müller
    Hello here, for the newrelic recipe, wouldn't it be logical to run the task only once? or am i missing something that would make it run only once when deploying to multiple servers
    Good day! I just installed recipes composer require deployer/recipes but i get "no such file or directory" when i require 'recipe/slack.php what am i missing?
    Alex Ortiz-Rosado
    @makrosario000 if you're installing the recipes using composer, you'll want to update your require to be require 'vendor/deployer/recipes/recipe/slack.php';
    Does anyone have a recipe they use for updating crontab? We have our crontab configurations checked into GitHub and I'd like to update the crontabs on our servers whenever we do a deploy. Any thoughts or pointers?
    William Notowidagdo
    Hello! I'm missing config:clear in Laravel recipe. I need that to run after a successful deploy to make user my app load the newly updated .env file. Can I create a PR for that? Or maybe there is some reason why it's not included in the current Laravel recipe?
    Hey, I have a question
    Anyone here?
    In the git repository there are loads of recipes
    but following the installation of deployer and the running of:
    composer require deployer/recipes --dev
    only a few recipes download... Not all those contained in the Repo.. Only those recipes shown on the website?
    I am trying to get the magento.php recipe
    Frederick Henderson
    @simon-murray A number of recipes are installed when you install Deployer, including the magento. You just need to require it in your deploy.php configuration file. Here is a link to the documentation for the extra recipes package but you require the recipes from either package the same way. In you case add at the top of your deployer.php file:
    require 'recipe/magento.php';
    Diego Cabrejas

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up deployer for a basic deploy where I basically want to just rsync the files into the server and run a few commands afterwards. I came across the rsync recipe on the deployer website and I thought I'd use that.

    It says to install the recipe run composer require deployer/recipes --dev. That doesn't sound right to me, as I didn't install deployer using composer, deployer is a phar file in my project root. What is the best way to install the recipe for this case ? Thanks.

    Frederick Henderson
    Considering that the repo for recipes is just recipes and documentation, I am guessing you could copy all or just the recipes that you want into the recipe folder since you are not using composer. Then follow the instructions in rsync.md about how to use it in a deployment.
    Diego Cabrejas
    Okay, thank you! will do that.
    Diego Cabrejas
    Is it okay not to use the deploy:lock task ? I noticed it's not listed in the docs for rsync recipe.
    What does it protect against ?
    Diego Cabrejas
    Never mind, just show the docs!
    Diego Martínez
    Hi, I'm starting with Deployer. Need to know about prestashop recipe.. is there some planned? ty
    Lucas Mezêncio
    can anyone explain me better what is 'notify'?
    I mean, I did take a look into slack recipe
    and each task has 'notify' in name
    Jelle van Oosterbosch
    Hello, when are you going to tag a new release version for the deployer/recipes repo?
    Mustafa ÇELİK
    I would like to connect my server via password not id_rsa? Is it possible? any recipe? @dcabrejas

    Hello guys!
    I'm starting with deployer... and I'm trying to learn by (good) examples

    Does anyone have a recipe to deploy a cakephp app?
    I'm looking for a more complete example than the generated recipe.