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Repo info
Sam Ashley
I've got eyeglass working in my project via gulp. To use your lib, I've included '@import "sass-blender"; ' in my stylesheet, but I get the following error after trying to use one of the lib's mixins: "file to import not found or unreadable: sass-blender" any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Derek Skinner
Thanks for the heads up. There was a directory problem in eyeglass-exports.js that caused the issue. I just published sass-blender 1.0.3 that should fix the problem
Sam Ashley
Getting the same error. However, I also get the same error with Susy. Seems that I can compile .scss successfully, but I cannot import styles or use mixins from an eyeglass module. Seems very odd. Have you run into similar issue in your experience with eyeglass? Thanks!
Derek Skinner
Hmm, honestly not sure what is going on then. I checked it on my machine and everything imported fine. Since you are getting the same error with Susy, it sounds like there is a problem with your eyeglass/npm setup. Are you running the latest version of npm and node.js?
Sam Ashley
I think that's accurate. Thanks for verifying! I'll dig in on my end.
Martin Hammerschmid
Hi there, i need some help for fbx export. Within blender my animations are fine, but if i export it to fbx and view it with Unity or FBX-Review tool, my animation is complete deformed
Hello! I have made a model (smoking) pipe with a quick smoke for the smoke.
The flow is a sphere in the head of the pipe.
The pipe is a collision object, and that's working.
However, when I place the flow sphere in the pipe, it doesn't flow up, it lingers in a ball around the pipe. It works fine and spreads without it. I also have a wind element, although nothing else.
Why does it do this?
how to import a blender model to a programming language
like python or rust language