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Sep 2015
Florin Pățan
Sep 07 2015 10:06
(sorry for shameless plug but) the Go plugin for IntelliJ IDEs has now an "official alpha" with Delve integrated: Thank you all for the hard work on Delve ^^
Stuart Carnie
Sep 07 2015 21:01
I'm running El Capitan, and had to set the s bit and chown root:wheel to be able to debug without sudo'ing

Otherwise I was seeing

could not launch process: could not fork/exec

Derek Parker
Sep 07 2015 21:23
@dlsniper that's awesome! And also to answer your question from earlier: if you check the state struct it will tell you if the process has exited, but to see if it's stopped running we would have to add an api call for that, which would be really easy to do.
@stuartcarnie did you code sign the binary?
(Delve binary)
Florin Pățan
Sep 07 2015 21:58
I haven't checked the state struct but I think it should be enough for now. I guess a different API call is not needed for now