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Mar 2016
Vighnesh Rege
Mar 03 2016 18:00 UTC
Hey folks - I got dlv installed and was able to start off a program with it, but the moment I try to step or continue, dlv just hangs for ever. I'm on OS X. Anyone run into this problem before?
(also noticed that it tends to eat up memory while it hangs)
Florin Pățan
Mar 03 2016 18:01 UTC
Can you also send a code sample and how to replicate this? Else it sounds pretty generic.
Vighnesh Rege
Mar 03 2016 18:04 UTC
it does sound generic, true - I'll try to replicate it with a small file and get back to you. Thanks @dlsniper
Evan Digby
Mar 03 2016 23:09 UTC
Has anyone experienced a "bad hmap size" error while debugging? We have a project that when we attempt to debug using delve immediately quits with "bad hmap size". I'm attempting to create a small code sample to reproduce it.
runtime: sizeof(hmap) = 48 , t.hmap.size = 0
fatal error: bad hmap size