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Apr 2016
Florin Pățan
Apr 25 2016 00:15
I've seen: derekparker/delve#444 and sent a LoadConfig object with MaxStringLen: 100 but still nothing
Florin Pățan
Apr 25 2016 00:22

this is how the response from the server looks like:


for the mentioned commit. The code is at and I have a breakpoint on line 13 (Printfstatement). (I'm on go 1.6.2, but in 1.6.0 it was the same)

John Dyer
Apr 25 2016 21:00

I have a question about delve test that I either don't understand but maybe it's a bug, not sure.

I have a project structured like projectroot/foo/bar. In those the packages are main/main/bar. If I'm in projectroot and call 'go test ./foo/bar/' it runs fine and passes, but if I call 'dlv test ./foo/bar/' it panics, the reason being that there is a relative path to a file in the /bar/ tests. 'cd foo/bar && dlv test' works just fine.