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May 2016
Nan Xiao
May 18 2016 06:44
Excuse me, now the help info of command are't sorted by alphabetic order, have delve considered to sort these commands by alphabetic order? Thx!
Alessandro Arzilli
May 18 2016 08:49
NanXiao: they are vaguely sorted by topic, I'm not opposed to reordering them
Nan Xiao
May 18 2016 09:10
@aarzilli Just from my personal experience: The gdb sorts commands by alphabet. When I firstly use delve, I try to seek the corresponding command mapping to gdb, and find it maybe easier to find related commands if sorted by alphabetic order. So I just want to show my personal proposal. I originally post it in mailing list:!topic/delve-dev/3rWP4A_kmcM. But unfortunately, there seems no any response. So I repost it here, and hope it is not OT in this channel.