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Jun 2016
Denis Karataev
Jun 02 2016 04:28
hi guys

sorry maybe this question was already asked many times, but..

Does anyone know how to force delve to work without problems with IDE from JetBrains?

in my case, when I run it, it stops on breakpoint successfully only once a 10 times approximately
and there is no logical rule how often it works and how often not
I would appreciate your advice how to fix it
also if I have 3 breakpoints it can stop on different point every time
i.e. this behavior is really chaotic
Florin Pățan
Jun 02 2016 17:17
Hi Denis, this is a known problem and for now it doesn't have a solution
See: derekparker/delve#523
John Dyer
Jun 02 2016 18:38
Question about dlv test. I have a package structure that has nested packages, so I have pkg/foo/ pkg/bar/, pkg/api/ and pkg/api/mock, where api and mock are both their own packages, how do I call dlv test on just the api? When I do dlv test ./api/... I get cannot use -c flag with multiple packages