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Jun 2016
Jun 03 2016 09:48

I want to know if there's a way to debug if compiled binary has args of the form --<arg>
`$dlv exec ./hello server --config conf/config.toml
dlv exec [./path/to/binary] [flags]

Global Flags:
--build-flags="": Build flags, to be passed to the compiler.
--headless[=false]: Run debug server only, in headless mode.
--init="": Init file, executed by the terminal client.
-l, --listen="localhost:0": Debugging server listen address.
--log[=false]: Enable debugging server logging.

Error: unknown flag: --config`

Denis Karataev
Jun 03 2016 11:57
thanks @dlsniper
John Dyer
Jun 03 2016 22:42
@keshavab derekparker/delve#178
Use -- to separate your flags