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Jun 2017
Rafael Rivera
Jun 11 2017 05:31

Hi folks, am seeing a target (dockerd) crash under delve but not when I run the debug binary directly -- win32 host, dlv 1.0.0-rc1, go1.8.3 windows/amd64, any tips to get more info would be great!

Process [...] has exited with status 3221225477 [that's ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED]

Alessandro Arzilli
Jun 11 2017 05:43
@WithinRafael_twitter there are a couple of closed issues with the same problem, it's either some kind of antivirus or league of legends
Rafael Rivera
Jun 11 2017 05:44
This broke when I upgraded to latest prerelease build of Windows 10, so suspect they broke something or delve is relying on some internal behavior
Thanks for the clues tho, will check out those issues too!