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Jul 2017
Alessandro Arzilli
Jul 11 2017 10:50
@CoreyHickson_twitter no, but you can run your application normally and dlv attach when you need to.
Corey Hickson
Jul 11 2017 14:12
Ok thanks!
Jul 11 2017 19:18
hello folks. i've been trying to use the delve plugin for atom to debug my go application. however, i have an application that includes a library i've written, and when i hit any of the library code (even just a fmt.Println) delve panics and exits
Jul 11 2017 19:19
Ive used delve with no problems from the command line. Perhaps try from there and see if you get the same results?
Jul 11 2017 19:41
whoops. old version of delve :3