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Aug 2017
Aug 17 2017 00:23 UTC
Good evening. I'm a bit new to delve. I use osx 10.12.6 with delve 1.0.0-rc.1 and go 1.8.3. In a simple program that prints out "Hello, World", if I pull down "" as a dependency and import it into my program, then try to run dlv debug main.go, i get "could not launch process: decoding dwarf section info at offset 0x0: too short". When I dont import go-sqlite3, dlv works fine. I'd like to be able to debug my program with go-sqlite3 pulled in. Are there any work around?
Alessandro Arzilli
Aug 17 2017 16:11 UTC
@mike_winslowe_twitter try 1.9rc2, if it still doesn't work you should use objdump to list which sections are in the executable and open an issue with the output.