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Nov 2017
Jason Young
Nov 15 2017 18:33
Anyone having trouble with debugging going extremely slow? Like 2 to 4 minutes to get from one breakpoint to another? Happens with all IDE's, and golang 18.x or 19.x
Seems to have happened lately, whereas debugging used to work fine and not be slow at all.
Jason Young
Nov 15 2017 19:50
Sometimes it takes up to 15 minutes to get to the next breakpoint. And for others in the same codebase it's not happening.
Alessandro Arzilli
Nov 15 2017 21:22
@manther that's bizarre
Jason Young
Nov 15 2017 22:28
ok I just figured it out. The library I'm using go-plugin has some areas using channels that if your pluginimplementation is wrong it can get caught up waiting at those channels over and over. No debugger issue here.