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May 2018
May 25 2018 12:59
@alexander-myltsev i noticed your goland query above and thought maybe you could help me. i would like to use goland but the breakpoints i set are never stopped at (i am novice go but use rubymine every day ;)
i'm trying to debug skopeo and from the Makefile there i have the "go tool arguments" in goland set to: "-buildmode=pie" -ldflags "-X main.gitCommit=563a4ac523aef8e23df732bd589731cf2f91eda1" -gcflags "-N -l" -tags " "
Alessandro Arzilli
May 25 2018 14:29
PIE mode is not supported yet
May 25 2018 14:30
i'll google unless you know what i should do instead (remove flag entirely, diff value, something else)
May 25 2018 14:36
removed buildmode flag and breakpoints working. thanks!
Alexander Myltsev
May 25 2018 17:48
@thomasmckay my problem was that IDEA has broken Delve for debugging. I built Delve from sources, and replaced the binary in IDEA. everything started to work
also, I didn’t manage to debug apps that uses console frameworks. alas, using “println”s there
let me know if you need any further specific instructions
May 25 2018 18:42
@alexander-myltsev ack, thanks. i will build from source as well and try that