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May 2018
May 31 2018 20:09
I'm getting a panic that delve seems to be breaking on
2018/05/31 16:03:40 server.go:100: could not init stream "fxe": "can't fetch master manifest: got HTTP response 400"
received SIGINT, stopping process (will not forward signal)
> runtime.mach_semaphore_wait() /usr/local/opt/go/libexec/src/runtime/sys_darwin_amd64.s:540 (PC: 0x105e3ab)
Warning: debugging optimized function
   535:    // func mach_semaphore_wait(sema uint32) int32
   536:    TEXT runtimeĀ·mach_semaphore_wait(SB),NOSPLIT,$0
   537:        MOVL    sema+0(FP), DI
   538:        MOVL    $(0x1000000+36), AX    // semaphore_wait_trap
   539:        SYSCALL
=> 540:        MOVL    AX, ret+8(FP)
   541:        RET
   543:    // func mach_semaphore_timedwait(sema, sec, nsec uint32) int32
   544:    TEXT runtimeĀ·mach_semaphore_timedwait(SB),NOSPLIT,$0
   545:        MOVL    sema+0(FP), DI
(dlv) s
I can't step forward or debug
May 31 2018 20:35
Actually haha this is from me hitting ctrl-C
But it never actually shows the panic it's stalling on (which led to me hitting ctrl+C)