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Nov 2018
Nov 13 2018 15:19
Hi, I got back to work on #1256 ( derekparker/delve#1256 ). Equivalent of display command of gdb. I looked at similar implementation of commands and wanted to confirm if I am on right track for this feature
Seems like I have to add core functionality in proc/native/proc.go just like breakpoints' has. and keep map/list of display expressions and then expose the functionality through multiple layers viz, service/debugger/debugger.go, service/rpc2/server. service/rpc2/client, service/client.go (interface), and pkg/terminal/command.go
  • some In and Out types for client server, + required types in service/api/types etc
I suppose this is how it should be implemented, hence any client will be able to consume the functionality
Nov 13 2018 15:25
I wanted to quickly confirm the approach