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    Alessandro Arzilli
    @OneQuid yes, the "graceful shutdown" is a result of your process receiving a SIGINT (probably) which delve doesn't send.
    @aarzilli Thank you. However when dlv attach is used (probably with args --api-version=2 --accept-multiclient=true), the process would receive the sys Signals. Does it sound good that dlv exec and dlv debug(This would behave similar with dlv exec) would send sys signals as well?
    Seth Bromberger
    hi :)
    Sylvain Rabot
    I am trying to tweak terraformto fork their plugin with delve in the to be able to debug the plugins
    It works but terraform is waiting for the plugin to output some json
    It seems that this json is intercepted by delve but not forwared to terraform
    because I see the json in my shell but terraform still hangs
    so I’m wondering what I have to do to make delve forward the stdout of the plugin to the father process
     | |   \-+= 22577 s.rabot -zsh
     | |     \-+= 57717 s.rabot terraform plan
     | |       \-+- 57719 s.rabot /Users/s.rabot/go/bin/dlv exec --headless --listen= --api-version=2 --log-dest=/dev/console -- /Users/s.rabot/go/bin/terraform-provider-azurerm
     | |         \-+= 57720 s.rabot /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/Library/PrivateFrameworks/LLDB.framework/Versions/A/Resources/debugserver --stdio-path /dev/tty -F -R -- /Users/s.rabot/go/bin/terraform-provider-azurerm
     | |           \--- 57721 s.rabot /Users/s.rabot/go/bin/terraform-provider-azurerm
    Hi @sylr I'm now facing a similar issue. I need to debug a tf plugin. Would you mind to share how did you setup terraform to use launch delve instead of the plugin? As for the problem with returning the json, did you manage to solve it? Thanks in advance
    @pablochacin go-delve/delve#1880

    @pablochacin go-delve/delve#1880

    Thanks @chainhelen I'll keep a look at it.

    i want to know how to use dlv connect
    when i run 'dlv attach $pid --headless --api-version=2 --log --listen=:8181' in romote
    and i run dlv connect $hostname:port in local
    when i use command list after breakpoint and continue. I cannot find my work
    iterm2 shows xx files not find
    i cannot find my code and the local code path maybe has some troubles
    @liangsj The source code is related to your remote machine instead of your local path.
    You should ensure your remote machine keep the source code of program for this $PID .
    It is better that the program is just compiled by those remote's source codes.
    if i want to use dlv in remote, I must ensure the source code in remote?
    i just keep bin execute in the remote,I think it resean i can't use dlv
    hey guys, is there anyone who managed to debug dockerd with dlv?
    I modified the scripts that build dockerd to avoid some optimizations that apparently might break dlv
    but I am still getting some errors like "could not launch process: could not get .debug_frame section: could not find .debug_frame section"
    Ronan Mac Fhlannchadha
    Did anyone manage to get the 32bit version working? I have cloned the 32bit branch and rbtree but when I run go install in delve/cmd/dlv it spits out .
    ../../proctl/variables_linux.go:13:2: must be imported as dwarf
    ../../proctl/proctl_linux.go:15:2: must be imported as elf
    @mic4ael The dockerd must be compiled with flag '-gc-flag="-all=-N -l"'
    @RonanMacF It looks your local project include others .go files which is not belong to delve.
    i debug my program using dlv . i get some error
    unreadable could not find loclist entry at
    how can i deal it