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Dec 2015
Isaac Overcast
Dec 21 2015 21:21
RE: preview mode. Do you think this strategy also makes sense for step 2/3? Truncating input files down to 1% or 10000 reads or whatever? I have a small function, obviously very simple, to do this, could stick it in util, and we could just call it from wherever.... Been in berkeley the past couple days so have been stuck in meetings, not making much prog, but now i'm stuck at SFO for 7 hours, so i'll get some work done at least...
Isaac Overcast
Dec 21 2015 21:28
Also, not sure if i'm doing something wrong.. running step2 inside a notebook. I have a cluster running, step2 creates ipyclients fine, but then it doesn't use them. the notebook process is pegged at 100%, and no cluster threads get jobs? Im probably doing something wrong, but have you seen this behavior?
Deren Eaton
Dec 21 2015 22:50
I'm travelling tomorrow too, hoping to get some work done. That sounds familiar, I think I fixed a problem in step2 on my working branch. It's cluttered with some other big changes at the moment. I'll try to clean things up and make a big push soon.