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Dec 2015
Isaac Overcast
Dec 24 2015 20:29 UTC
I'm thinking about doing a little refactoring of cluster_within. I'd like to create an assemble/ for functions that have common use across different steps, such as comp(). I also want to include the vsearch derep and sort calls in the I need to do some of the same things in refmap as in cluster_within. Duplicating code (which is waht i'm doing now) is a bad practice, so i want to abstract away all the stuff that has to happen multiple places and chuck it in just one file, that way if we need to change a flag to vsearch or whatever you only have to do it one place.
thoughts? Also I want to add the function i have for truncating input files for preview mode.
Deren Eaton
Dec 24 2015 21:35 UTC
I like that idea :+1:
It's been harder to find time to work over the holiday than I had hoped.