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Jan 2016
Isaac Overcast
Jan 18 2016 00:42
sweet. I'm working on fixing preview for step 3. Trying to make it smarter. Preview was only subsampling inside the refmap pipe, moving subsampling to the top of split_across. I'm also changing the way unmapped reads come back into cluster_within. It was doing something a bit suspect before, and it worked, but it gave me the heeby-jeebies, so i'm fixing it to not be so hackish.
Deren Eaton
Jan 18 2016 18:53
I'm still testing the vsearch merge function. Not sure we have the setting quite right. I seem to be getting some reads merging that don't seem like they should merge.
Deren Eaton
Jan 18 2016 23:44
just pushed 0.1.23. Working 1-7 on tests/test_rad.