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Feb 2016
Isaac Overcast
Feb 25 2016 04:40
I'm trying to tighten up the --MPI experience for CLI mode. Will ipcluster actually launch inside a PBS node w/o having to do any other pbs script monkey business? I'm having trouble getting it working, curious if you've tried it.
Isaac Overcast
Feb 25 2016 06:11
Can get --MPI working locally, but inside a PBS script it fsck. Looks like ipclust isn't starting right? Not sure.
Deren Eaton
Feb 25 2016 12:17
I've had success when connecting to a node interactively. Haven't tried submitting a job, but it should be the same.
BTW, for MPI to actually work currently you need to use pip install -U ipyparallel to upgrade to >v.5.0.