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Apr 2016
Apr 19 2016 10:05
Hi Daren, I have just found ipyrad and have you by any change tested it with illumina NextSeq PE demultiplexed output files? can the software recognise all 8 outputs files, if samples have been ran on four lanes. So far the software and the tutorials seem very clear.
Deren Eaton
Apr 19 2016 15:33
Hi @Cycadales, I don't believe we have tested that kind of data yet. If you could make some example files available (you could email me a link) we can make sure that it is covered.
Apr 19 2016 23:56
hi @dereneaton, I would be happy to do that not a problem! I am uploading the files now and I will emil the links. I would really appreciate it and I am sure it will help other too. Thank you!