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May 2016
Deren Eaton
May 08 2016 16:32
any news on the mac install bug?
I'm planning to push a big change that will require any existing assemblies to be rerun from step6. I'm restructuring the h5 database, adding some more info into it, including number of alleles so that putative paralog loci are kept around until step7. The idea is to make most of the filters other than mindepth not actually apply to the data until step 7.
Isaac Overcast
May 08 2016 17:38
That makes a lot of sense (filtering as much as possible at step 7).
re: mac install bug, haven't looked at it yet. I'm sure it's something stupid. Bet I can fix it in < 15 minutes. Start the timer....
Isaac Overcast
May 08 2016 17:45
I think that bug is "worksforme", appears to be transient. Might have been a bad merge on my part? Just tested and it looks good.