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May 2016
May 13 2016 09:02
@isaacovercast yea sure I can do that no worries. I have sent the files via WeTransfer as DropBox is blocked at our institution in Australia.
May 13 2016 14:59
@dereneaton Hi Deren, FYI, I am using the same four PE samples I sent you a few months ago, with the same params file. I'm running Yosemite 10.10.5.
@dereneaton Sorry, updated params file for v.2.5.0, but with same parameters as old one
Deren Eaton
May 13 2016 17:03
I think I'm getting the steps6-7 errors under control.
I think I can easily speed up step1 quite a bit when I have some time to spend on it, but I'm leaving for 3 weeks of fieldwork in a few days so I think we should just prioritize bug fixes over speed improvements. @isaacovercast, what do you see as major fixes to make before we release?
Deren Eaton
May 13 2016 22:11
@Cycadales , @roneytan , I believe the bug is now fixed in step7. I pushed v0.2.6 for linux, mac update will follow soon.