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Jun 2016
Isaac Overcast
Jun 06 2016 16:32 UTC
@R0cknRobin_twitter @Cycadales @roneytan NB: New version of ipyrad 0.3.0
2 things to note: New -d flag to switch on verbose debugging to the ipyrad_log.txt file.
&& 0.3.0 params file format is not backwards compatible. You can either use ipyrad -n to generate a new one and transfer old settings OR simply open your current params file, delete the last two lines (excludes and outgroups), and add a - to the beginning of this line:
------ ipyrad params file (v.0.1.18)--------------------------------------------
So it should look like this now (seven dashes at the beginning:
------- ipyrad params file (v.0.3.1)--------------------------------------------