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Jun 2016
Jun 29 2016 01:34
Thank you, @isaacovercast and @dereneaton ! I think that easy to operate should be ensured before any additional new function. So there is a kind of balance between how easy to do and how many functoins. And I would choice the operability as primary criteria and then is how many functions the software has. I don't remember how many lanes of data, while I know a single file, like SAMPLER1.fq.gz, is 742 MB. I tested a dataset on a HPC, the dataset containing five species and each species with R1 and R2 files. Whole assembly of this dataset costed about 8 hours, using 50 cores to run. My final dataset will contain more 100 species, so I try to know how can I decrease the time spent. Many thanks to both you two for your great creation and kindly helps.
Isaac Overcast
Jun 29 2016 16:02
@danielyao12 Thanks for the positive feedback. As far as decreasing the time spent, 8 hours is actually pretty fast in my experience. The best way to speed it up is to give it more cores to run on, but you're already using 50 which is quite a lot.