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Jul 2016
Isaac Overcast
Jul 20 2016 19:55
@jianlizhao Hello, sorry for the slow response, i am at a conference right now, but i'll take a look at this and see. It would help if you could re-run the step that failed with the -d flag and email me the ipyrad_log.txt file. Please send me this file and i'll see what I can figure out.
Zac Forsman
Jul 20 2016 21:58
Thanks @dereneaton the log file is a bit large, so here is a link to the file, the params file and a few data files for example: The data was exported from Genious and merged using PEAR.. it consists of reads that only map to the transcriptome....(I suspect it could be a data formatting issue?). I originally tried the reference assembly approach but that didn't complete and ended up in errors... maybe we should back up and start there? I'll keep trying. -Zac